Peter's Speaking Engagement in Portugal

Peter has been invited to address a conference hosted by Business Association of Portugal and The Chamberof Commerce and Industry.   He was to use his address to talk about Peter F Drucker. "The Father of Modern Management" - how he would see the world that we are now in and what observations and advice he would give to entreprenuers who are the dynamic personal force that creates prosperity for our societies.

Attends Global Drucker Forum in Vienna

The theme of the Forum was The Entrepreneurial Society and how it affects all our lives and organisations. Each year the Forum gains in content and reputation. The number of world recognised contributors increases resulting in increased attendance of delegates from around the world. This year they numbered 540, the maximum that the venue could accommodate.Why so many want to attend is not only to talk to world class specialists, but to take away their messages to reflect upon. Messages brought back by Professor Starbuck from the latest Vienna trip included.

  • Marketers must continually check with their customers if they are receiving the products and services they want, which may be what the supplier is providing. This relates to Drucker’s purpose of an organisation to create a customer.

  • The greatest challenge for a small to medium sized business is succession, children of the founder don’t often have the same burning desire to succeed as their parents.

  • Computer science has changed the way we work and think, as it has developed from expensive exclusive mainframes of the mid -1940’s to today smart-phone which give access to all corners of the world where electricity can be generated. What should not be forgotten however, is that the modern mainframe has also undergone continual development and is still central for major systems.

  • We were to treat change as a natural process which was termed activism, rather than defend the present.


Peter Proclaimed Honorary Member Drucker Society Europe

Peter Starbuck was appointed an honorary member of the Drucker Society Europe at the seventh  annual Global Drucker Forum- described recently by the financial times writer Simon Caulkin as " management's unofficial annual summit". Professor Starbuck is ranked as Britain's leading expert on Peter F Drucker- the man considered the ultimate management guru. Peter's thesis is the only one on Drucker deposited with the British Library. Peter says "he was pleasantly surprised when he was called up by the called president of the Drucker Society Europe to receive the reward.

The only previous recipient was Charles Handy Britain's top management writer for many years and this year Joe Maciariello who had worked and co-authored with Drucker for 26years. Peter says "he felt proud to be in such company

Honarary Member.jpg




Leadership Courses

Cliff Wood one of Peter's associates involved with the RIBI leadership courses under the RYLA banner. Cliff utilises some of the teachings of Peter Drucker in the course relating to self-knowledge"
The course is a 5 day residential leadership course for 36 students aged between 16 and 18. The course is based at Arthog in North Wales and is designed to instill leadership principles based on the Action Centred Leader. The nature of the course is essentially experiential and each student receives detailed feedback on their preferred leadership style. Over 400 students have passed through this course over the past 10 yrs. 

The course is sponsored by RIBI under their RYLA banner