About Us

Starbuck on Management is a think-tank of a small resident group of part-time volunteers led by Peter Starbuck. They are: Sue Edwards, Brian Jones, Mike Robinson, Heather Starbuck and Cliff Wood. The group continues to research the work of Peter F Drucker The Father of Modern Management and other contributors to responsible management. This research began in 1992 following on an introduction and commitment to Drucker’s ideas at the end of 1974.

The objective is to help young managers improve their performance at home and internationally to prevent them from making the same mistakes of the past. Major projects are on-going with The British Library, The Open University, Drucker Societies and The Chartered Management Institute with others expressing interest to join..

As a supporter of work in the community, we have been committed to voluntary work for over the last 50 years; one of our on-going activities is with St John’s Ambulance. This is Britain’s oldest charity, which dates from The Crusades at the end of 11thc AD.

Sometimes known as St John, it is active in 43 countries supported by 250,000 volunteers. Besides supporting and providing services in their home countries, its novelty is that in Jerusalem it provides the only Ophthalmic Hospital in Israel. It was founded in 1882 and thrives today supported by international donations and manned by a small core of staff that are supported by specialist volunteers from around the world.

Although St John’s is a Christian foundation all religions are welcome, including their staff and patients. It is from the hospital in Jerusalem that outreach clinics provide services in Gaza, The West Bank and East Jerusalem for those that cannot travel to the central hospital. The policy is to treat all patients regardless of ethnicity or religion and for those that cannot afford to pay — free treatment is provided.

One of our current concentrations is an Analysis of Business and Management Training to help determine our own objectives by seeing where we can make the most consequential contribution.